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Don't fall prey to the hype and spend unnecessary money on incorrectly prescribed work by tree companies looking to act fast on your worries. Get your tree properly inspected by a certified arborist BEFORE deciding to bring on the saw and chipper. Your tree, budget, and property will thank you.

Where 30-second news clips and endless internet searches don't answer your questions, turn to us — real people who will help you through this challenging time. We specialize in assisting DIYers who need a little extra help and tricks of the trade.

Our Services

Tree selection, purchase, delivery and planting in 4 convenient plans.

  • › Advice/diagnosis regarding existing shrub or tree problems.
  • › Structural pruning for trees under 35 ft tall.
  • › Aerial Inspection.
  • › Suggestions for vegetation for future landscaping changes.
  • › Soil and site examination to determine the appropriate and best trees to plant for your desired purposes.
  • › Consultation for tree queries/questions/concerns.
  • › Arborist reports.
  • › Pruning for aesthetic or health purposes.
  • › Small tree removal (less than 25 feet tall, stump not included).
  • › Mistletoe removal.

NOTE: Hours CAN be flexible, depending on season and day of week in certain circumstances.

Our Pricing

If you're new to having your tree pruned, it can be an eye opening experience — but not in a good way. Tree work is expensive due to safety issues, costly equipment use, and because of the highly trained talent and endurance it takes to do the job right.



There is a $75 base fee if the project requires pruning, or an arborist's feet to leave the ground.

We do not use spurs/gaffs.

Free estimates to Sacramento and Placer county residents.

Ask about our discounts for Antelope residents!

A General Note on Proximity




Consultations on tree and landscaping are priced based on your proximity to Antelope.
For consultations, evaluations, and assessments:
Antelope $50
Within 10 miles $55
Between 10 and 20 miles. $65
Between 20 and 30 miles. $75
30 + miles. Negotiable

Our tree pruning services and prices are described below:

Adolescent Trees under 20ft tall




Structural pruning/training. $150 — $300 This is the ideal age to address many structural issues many tree species have. We will most likely target to remove 30-50% of the tree canopy to address years of incorrect, or lack of pruning. This may seem like a lot, but a younger tree of this size can adapt quickly. Price is dependent on size and tree species. Brush disposal and treatment options will be given on a 3-tiered estimate.

Intermediate Trees under 20-35ft




Providing clearance for phone, cable, or power lines. $20 — $60 Depending on wire type.
Structural pruning to reduce hazards. $45 — 300 Depending on number of cuts, species and equipment use.
Thinning, restoring, or cleaning for aesthetics and/or health. $150 — $400 Depending on number of cuts, species and equipment use.

Note on Mature trees over 35ft

$50 — $150

Aerial Inspections, Arborist Reports, or Tree Pruning Prescriptions Plan for Certified Tree Trimmer

Contact Us

The variety of tree problems is huge; no arborist can promise all the answers or solutions. But we can provide quick and HONEST advice to your unique situation. If the specifics of your project happen to be beyond our expertise due to size of crew and equipment, we will do our best to point you in the right direction. Don't give up hope!

Call us at (916) 838-6371

8am-8pm Monday-Friday

8am-8pm Saturday

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About Us

Antelope Arborists specializes in tree consulting in the Sacramento area.

We are two ISA-certified arborists, based in Antelope, offering freelance consulting, diagnosis, and pruning. Local, honest, courteous, experienced, AFFORDABLE arborists conducting evaluations without the impersonal and high price of larger commercial services or landscapers.

We offer a personal, accurate, thorough examination of your vegetation needs, when local nurseries, word of mouth, and internet searches prove inadequate. Save time, effort, and the frustration of dead ends in your busy schedule and let us help.

Our Mission:

Making the correct cuts on the correct branches to encourage strong branch and trunk unions will reduce the risk of failure when the tree is older. Our policy is to not simply raise a canopy for aesthetics without addressing these other issues. The International Society of Arboriculture has adopted the concept of Structural Pruning, and many municipalities and tree companies have been educated and trained on this worldwide standard. We will not ignore any trees structural defects, and leave the homeowner with the consequences later when a branch fails and causes property damage or injury.

Our Qualifications:

  • 25 years combined experience as Foresters in vegetation management, urban forestry, land restoration and local plant nursery sales.
  • Certified by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) 2003 & 2010.
  • Utility Specialist certification 2007.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Earth Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, with a minor in Soil Science.